the mayor's greeting

the mayor: Manolis Κ. Stergiou

Welcome to the official website of Velvento and its four districts, Katafygi, Paleogratsano, Agia Kyriaki and Polyfyto.

Nowadays, Velvento has 4,000 residents. This historical town is the birthplace of many important and common people, as well as great personalities like Stamatis Kleanthis who designed the first city plan of modern Athens. People from Velvento also excelled in many ways all around Greece and abroad and dedicated many aspects of their lives to this town.

You are invited to visit this beautiful place, built throughout the centuries with passion and patience from its creative inhabitants.

Enjoy the colorful yards and the scenic alleys. Experience Velvento’s living tradition, its religious celebrations and its vivid customs. Visit the ancient, Byzantine and newer monuments, and the folkloric museum. Take part in its cultural movement, the athletic and hiking activities. Admire the residents’ voluntary collective activities through their organized clubs and bodies.

“Escape” to Velvento and smell the breeze in Pieria, the mountain of the nine Muses. Visit the scattered scenic communities on the western side. Meet the granite gorges, the crystal waterfalls, the mountain refuges and trails, the lake routes, the magical landscapes. Feel the aura from the Aliakmonas artificial lake.

Take a tour in the green and fruitful plains and introduce yourself to the original organization of the agricultural economy and the dynamic farmers’ unions. Visit the seventy-eight small churches scattered around the plains.

Taste the delicious foods, the flavorsome fruit, the best peaches in Europe, the savory wine, the ethereal tsipouro, the homemade marmalade and the traditional griddlecakes.

Stay in the traditional hostels and entertain yourself in Velvento’s tavernas, the cafes, the bars and nightclubs. More than anything else, meet the people who will surprise you with their unique hospitality and experience the simple way of living that will charm you and make you friends with Velvento forever.

Welcome to Velvento

The Mayor
Μanolis Κ. Stergiou